Energee3 is a services company operating in the field of Information & Communication Technology. Founded in Reggio Emilia in 2002, Energee3 works in several  service areas, from consulting to software production and further management of the applications. The peculiarities of the people who work in Energee3 are  professionalism, quickness and punctuality with top-quality standards. As for methodologies of development, Energee3 stands out from other companies thanks to its  rooted human and technical culture and expertise in the production of user-centered IT instruments, in other words the final user is the centre of our work.

The analysts, developers, the R&D unit and the Energee3 company itself employ the most advanced systems to guarantee a simple and efficient usability of the  information technology, even though it based on very complicated processes and infrastructures. Nowadays the mission of Energee3 is to take its clients to success by  making their final users satisfied with the products.

In order to reach this goal, we pay great care and attention to two specific aspects in our work: on one side, the relationship with the customer – giving value to interpersonal links and respecting the engagements; on the other side, our committment in keeping high professional internal standards by investing in research, training, and quality of working conditions of our staff and collaborators.

Energee3 distinguishes itself from the other companies, as it is able to offer a “turnkey proposal”, that is oriented to the real needs and guaranteed by a long-standing experience that leads to a successful partnership with the client. Energee3 is operates nationwide, providing with its service also at the customer’s office.