Energee3 provides its services for leading national and international customers.  This type of experience, based on very high requirements for production, quality and methodology standards, has made Energee3 a company with consolidated skills in the management of critical mission projects and highly selective work environment.

Energee3 has offered consultancy, design, development and application management services in the following sectors for a number of years:

Banking and Financial Services

For leading banking groups we offer: Home & Corporate Banking, Risk Management, Credit Risk, Financial Advisor System, Business Intelligence, ETL & Data Warehouse, Back End Channels, SLA based Application Maintenance, Auditing, Management Control, Human Resource and Communication.

Telecommunications and Media

For the main Italian telecommunications companies we have produced: CRM Analysis, CRM Design & Development, Corporate Communication.

Manufacturing and Consumer Product Industry

For a leading company in the sports car field: Track Strategy, Telemetry (Agile).

For Italian fashion industries: Business Intelligence, System Integration, Mobile Developments, Web Applications.

For an Italian pharmaceutical group: Consultancy, Software Selection, Business Analysis.

Engineering & Construction

For a leading international group in the field: Business Intelligence, Document Management System, Monitoring.

Public Sector

For important Italian bodies: Brand Reputation, Web Monitoring, Project Management, Architecture Definition, Application Management, CRM, Document and Content management and much more, in different areas of public administration and services for citizens.


For a leading company in Italy: Project Management, Architectures and Risk Management.