How we work

Our production process is made up of three main stages: analysis, design and development.

Our strength lies in the design stage, during which we produce interactive prototypes that enable us to anticipate any problems and errors. The early identification of problems and errors makes it possible to reduce development times and costs.

We also, involve the users right from the design stage. In this way, we can understand how users interact with the systems and what their habits are. This means we can produce systems that are easy to use and able to maximise customer satisfaction.

confronto con metodologia tradizionale

Using classic methods the checks are performed after development, hence the correction of errors makes a new development stage necessary, which implies additional costs and delays to production times.

Our methodology, on the other hand, envisages the addition of the design stage alongside analysis and development. We design a service prototype that we test and check with your users before performing any software development.

The checks are performed before development, testing the interactive prototypes with the final users.

Any problems that emerge lead to a new analysis, design and test cycle. The development only starts once all the problems have been resolved, and the product goes on line with respect for the times and costs agreed.

We develop the strategy

We deal with studying the most suitable strategy for your service, involving your users with interviews and tests, and analysing their behaviour, wishes and opinions. We develop a customised plan and share the ideas and solutions with you.

We design the interaction

We quickly produce interactive prototypes including the layout, the structure of the contents and the interaction logic, which allow all those involved in the project to check and test the choices before they have an impact on the development costs and times. We ask for the users’ opinion and test the layout at each project stage, both before and after development, so as to highlight any problems as soon as possible and guarantee user-friendly interfaces.

We check the design

We check that the finished product corresponds to the interactive prototype shared with you. We study user behaviour on the product in production and adopt redesign strategies to correct any problems.