Quality system

Energee3 applies a quality system to the whole set of activities, expressing our company policy, but above all providing a certified guarantee for the customer. Anyone who uses our service provision and software production processes (CMM2 compliant) can be sure that:

  1. When using our Application Maintenance services, the agreed SLA (Service Level Agreements) will be respected;
  2. The requirements envisaged during the project definition stage will be completely fulfilled.

Quality does not guarantee that processes are free from errors, however, it does reduce the probability of errors occurring, since  control activities (process and project management) are triggered.

A quality system ensures the repeatability of the processes, measurement of the indicators connected with them and constant monitoring of all the company activities from management channels to support (such as HR, marketing and sales management) and primary activities (service provision and production). As well as suitable information flow management, the company is careful about using a correct data protection and security policy.