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In love with technologies, constantly curious, culturally omnivores, creative minds, sideway thinkers. At Energee3, we fall in love with new projects, their contaminations and hybridisations. We can still be impressed by the beautiful things happening around us. It’s our lifestyle. We love communication, journalism, training, and publishing books. We work closely with companies specialised in creating editorial content and designing always more performing user experiences. Discover who works with us. Enjoy life.

Our digital area: we are specialised in User Experience

Our UX LAB is the beating heart of ideas and processes. thedotcompany place the users at the centre of its work, providing them with easy and efficient IT tools. We refresh and renew web-responsive websites, apps for smartphones or tablets, e-commerce, and software with usability techniques and principles. We are in love with user experience and usability. We design interfaces in collaboration with our clients for them to be beautiful, intuitive and efficient. We have the knowledge and skills to guarantee excellent results.

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Not only technologies but also editorial work

A book is the quintessential expressive form by which humanity unveils its essence. Our publications are varied. In our catalogue, you will find novels, essays, poetry, memoirs, and historical events.
Books are an ideal meeting place; the editorial activity doesn’t stop with publishing. The editor’s task is also to create a dialogue between the authors and their readers through presentations. Hearing the writer’s voice is the best way to fall in love with literature. We provide ink to brilliant ideas. We create a culture to nurture our Nature. Let yourself be amazed.

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thedotcompany editions

We talk about our territory in our Web Journals

We discuss the world around us, starting from our cities and our territories. We observe reality with curiosity, and a genuine desire to know more, let alone prejudices and limitations. We are still able to surprise ourselves.

Since 2011, we have published newspapers sharing news, opinions and interviews about what’s happening in Emilia (7per24) and Tuscany (StampToscana).

In 2022 a new online cultural magazine with national coverage was born (thedotcultura)