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Machine Learning

Machine learning is a data analysis method allowing computers to operate automatic learning. This latest is possible thanks to statistical methods that progressively improve the accuracy of an algorithm. With an increasing amount of data collected and computers’ powerful resources, automatic learning today has a crucial role in the digital revolution. Machine learning allows computers to take decisions independently, providing exact instructions on how to solve problems. Transforming data into knowledge, transforming technology into intelligence.

Let’s discover what machine learning is

A lot of products and services widely use Machine Learning. To begin with, the most famous (and powerful) search engine: Google. Facing more complex user research demands, Google programmed specific algorithms to interpret any sentence and provide various online content. For the analysts of Mountain View what matters is not only the number of results given by this algorithm but how valuable these contents are for the users. Another example of Machine Learning algorithm applied is e-commerce platforms that learn from an infinite amount of previous searches.

This process allows them to dig even more deeply than the words we search for and propose other products in an up-selling and cross-selling practice. Not to mention on-site suggestions, emailing and remarking on other platforms. All this is possible thanks to algorithms that meticulously analyse each user’s preferences.

The world of creativity and advertisement is not immune to Machine Learning. This is proven by Persado, an American agency using data and technology to help creative businesses. How? Think about a traditional advertisement claim: Persado softwares use a wide range of sentences and words already on the market and provide a selection of proposals that can be efficient in a specific situation for marketing purposes.


What Energee3 offers

Energee3 accompanies clients thoroughly, from information analysis to developing a business process. This can result in predictive models, optimisation algorithms, virtual assistants, video/image recognition engines and intelligence to support decision-making. We offer our clients the entire design and implementation of the available data to obtain essential information for their business.

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