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At Energee3, we are in love with experience and usability. UX design starts with people. It observes behaviours and establishes necessities. Using a user-centred approach, we understand the stakeholders’ needs and innovative design solutions. Through Design Thinking, we develop digital interfaces that can be beautiful, intuitive and efficient. We have the knowledge and skills to guarantee excellent results. We use techniques and principles of usability to update and implement responsive websites, apps for smartphones and tablets, e-commerce, software and web-based applications, to streamline operations and improve the overall experience.

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes” (Oscar Wilde)

Our UX LAB is the core of a development methodology that is deeply user-centred. It’s the philosophy of Energee3 itself: no matter how complex an application’s internal functioning is, we always place the users at the centre of our attention so they can easily navigate these digital tools. Our UX team is fast and reactive in analysing and developing user-based strategies. Our skills come into play in designing digital services, stimulated by a constant quest for innovation. We implement techniques, protocols and technologies that allow us to objectively and thoroughly understand digital experiences to benefit our projects.

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Ilaria Cafiso

Ux Design competence center manager