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Voice User Interface

Voice User Interfaces (VUI) allow us to interact with a system via voice controls. Some famous examples of VUI are Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. What is the real advantage of a VUI? It allows users to interact directly with an assistant while taking care of other activities.

Designing a VUI is critical because this system lacks a graphic interface. The user must clearly understand the machine’s possible interactions and functionalities. For a VUI to be successful, it must have an excellent understanding of spoken language and be able to instruct the user to specific vocal commands and the type of operating interactions. Furthermore, the complexity of dialogue via VUI obliges the designer to create a simple structure for the user, as much ‘human’ as possible.

A VUI system is made possible by a technology based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Human spoken language is recorded at a high level of precision, with a voice recognition percentage of 95%. Additional applications can be implemented in a VUI with appropriate functionalities.

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Gianlorenzo Gallusi

Information systems manager