Through a business network with thedotcompany Energee3 has had an active research and development department for many years, whose main activity is to generate useful knowledge for the innovation of processes and services, marked by the presence of “strong knowledge intensity” around projects or research programmes.  The research activity that we perform comprises studies and analyses, able to increase our technical and scientific skills, which, during the development stages, we select and test by performing new processes and services.  The research and development that Energee3 carries out represents the central motor of our technological “core” and services.

Working at Energee3 means having passion for ICT and being convinced that knowledge is an on-going path. We are organised like a small permanent training centre. We study and work every day on the projects that we implement. Thus, we have the opportunity to accumulate and use a wealth of instruments, managerial resources and technologies that is always up to date.

The Energee3 working environment – which is dynamic and stimulating – gives us the chance to grow as professionals, relate with the new features of web systems and look into greater depth at various technology and business issues.

We are constantly on the look-out for new tools, products and solutions to offer to our customers; we are interested in continuing to maintain a cooperative working environment, with respect for people and rules.

Energee3 is committed to spreading a profound culture of legality within the company, at all levels.