Through the products created by our R&D department (in business network with thedotcompany), we talk to the web every day: we grasp its moods and develop the potential. We provide you with tools designed especially for you and that we update constantly and enthusiastically. And because we invented them, we can adapt them to your needs. The products presented here are property of thedotcompany srl.

With AuraTutor™ you can!

Do you want to find out in real time what people are saying about companies, people, competitors, products and topics that interest you and your activity? With AuraTutor™ you can! You can acquire messages and conversations from social networks, blogs, forums, sites, on-line magazines, with a frequency that can be scheduled according to interest and to the rate of uploading of new contents. The result is a database containing the log of everything that has been published on the web that you can use for analysis and research. The AuraTutor™ text analysis “scans” the text, classifying and organising the contents of files and documents. And that’s not all… it is a product that entails an infinite number of functions – such as the web review and opinion analysis – that we will be pleased to introduce to you.



We would like to offer you an IT product that is a real reference for web TV, able to manage “video digital assets” completely independently and regardless of the video streaming platforms available on the market, to which we delegate the transmission phase only. This means your video content is protected and managed and you can decide who streams it without having to worry about loading the videos onto the various platforms. EasyWebTV will see to it all. Our EasyWebTV envisages the most cutting edge characterisation, aggregation and contents search techniques, and guarantees a multilevel organisation of video contents and data, able to flexibly respond to any company organisation. Complex structures, for example, can count on differentiated accessibility to videos and data according to their nature and intended use. EasyWebTV lets you create your WebTV and at the same time manage the publication of your videos on the various social networks from a single centralised point. EasyWebTv is simple to use: we can explain the whole thing in a few steps! You will be able to set up your web TV in a few simple steps and at a really reasonable cost compared to market standards. (web TV of one of our customers, based on our platform) won an award for being the best Italian web TV in 2012 thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. The prize was awarded by MEI – Meeting of Independent Labels. Watch our web TV on


Do you want to create a magazine, a WebJournal, a Company Magazine?

Are you looking for a simple, efficient product that can be customised and which sets you apart from the usual templates? EasyWebMagazine is the one for you. It manages all kinds of articles and has all the social network integration functions. Try it now! Your WebJournal will make you unique and totally recognisable! Look at our web magazine 7per24.


LavoriamociSu  is the portal that can help you to find the best company to work for. It is a community, a job social network where users can anonymously review the company they work for or have worked for, so as to help other users of the community to really understand what it is like to work for a company and help them to find a job.

LavoriamociSu puts companies and workers, those looking for work and those who want to change, in contact with each other.

By registering as company users, companies can also publish job offers, news, events and various information on their public board, which they can manage through a simple administration panel.

Through the AiJob system, companies can identify the most suitable applicants for the offer published thanks to an application analysis and Business Intelligence system which provides the company with a classification of the recommended applicants. Every applicant will be assessed according to different variables (training, experience, courses, certifications, masters, etc…) and after analysing the data, the system will classify the applicants, providing a total rating.

LavoriamociSu aims to act as a place where through constructive dialogue between a company and its employees, the best working environment possible can be created, to make the workers feel at ease and create a more productive and balanced environment for companies. A single place where you can look for jobs, consult the offers and immediately check the company rating and judgements of the other users.