The research and development department is a work in progress within Energee3. Different projects live together and are developed over time, leading to the definition of new methodologies, new tools or actual new products. Specifically, this department is active on the following projects:

Usability laboratory: A real technical and professional facility that studies and applies the principles of usability in the creation of user interfaces for applications, for the web and for the mobile sector. This laboratory is the heart of the user-centred development methodology. Energee3’s mission focuses on the user who must use the IT tools as simply and effectively as possible, however complicated the logic behind the application. A series of technical tools and methodologies allows the professionals in the laboratory to analyse a project during the design stage or an application already in use, and optimise its productivity as best as possible through the redefinition of the human-machine relationship.

Mobile Developments: The research and development sector is constantly up to date on the dynamic world of mobile devices, particularly on the iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems. Energee3 has the right skills to assess the best mobile development solutions and create them using the most modern technologies and the most accurate methodologies. These developments are also user-centred and are designed in association with the usability laboratory.

Social Media: Energee3 is very active in the analysis and management of data on the web. Thanks to the work of our R&D department, we have developed excellent skills in the following areas:

  • Brand protection
  • Web monitoring
  • Editorial contents (on-line texts and videos)
  • Design and creation in a web environment
  • Social media marketing

Big data: From the experience of the evolved management of online data, typically a huge mass of unstructured information, the “big data” project was born.  This project will soon provide answers to companies who in some way need to manage large quantities of data in very different formats, from different sources and often with a short life cycle. The big data project is establishing a series of new ICT solutions, both in terms of infrastructures and applications, so as to handle and store a large mass of information and improve the analysis and forecasting capacities. This new approach and these new technologies also allow internal information systems to store an increasingly large amount of information, which goes into increasing detail as to the life and activity of the company. These actual databases can also be used easily and intuitively to create forecasting and data mining tools. The natural evolution of the data warehouse.