Energee3 guarantees quality and assistance for its customers.

Our company deals with the design and development of object-oriented applications, client servers and internet, host environments for companies and organisations within the areas of telecommunications, finance, industry, tourism, engineering, PA and more. Through the resources of its network of businesses, Energee3 also deals with communication, creation and management of web contents, coaching, design and development on mobile devices, positioning, social media marketing and usability services.

Energee3 pays special attention to updating and training on the available technologies, the quality of the product and services, and the satisfaction of the customer and final users.

We offer consultancy services (strategy, operations, training and education), software development (feasibility studies and implementation) and maintenance (protection, after-sale and on-call services).

Through partnerships with all the most important vendors, we resell all the most common tools, and offer consultancy and training for their use.

We also offer analysis and implementation of IT projects in EAI, Business Intelligence, CRM , ecommerce and document management. We perform: analysis, coding, testing and protection of application solutions.

We use the analysis, development and production environments of the main world vendors: Teradata, Business Objects, Informatica, Ascential, Oracle, EMC2, Sun, Microsoft, and others. We also keep a look out at the open source world.

We develop applications in-house and at the sites of our main customers.

With us, you can get to know your business and all its opportunities better.