Strategic consultancy

Energee3 offers its customers organisational, strategic and methodological knowledge and experience. We can accompany you through the planning of the right project for you – through our know-how – from the preliminary stages up to the coordination of work groups.

Our strategic consultancy activity is provided by specialist staff, who can understand your needs, actively taking part in collecting requirements and defining them in a conclusive format.

Operative consultancy

We are at your disposal to offer you our IT and technological know-how, through the work of professionals who can tackle complex problems, deriving from the management of projects based on advanced technology. In fact, Energee3 can manage the whole process according to CMMI (level 2) standards. We are available to carry out the operations that you ask us for, wherever you need us to be.

Training and education

We are at your disposal for training and education services in the strategic and functional area, and in a series of operative environments. We can provide our courses on your site, at the Energee3 offices (spread across Italy), or at training centres or bodies. We offer flexible, personalised solutions, according to what you ask us for and based on your needs.

We provide training services and courses in the institutional environment, for universities and higher level training bodies.