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Let’s start with a simple consideration. If more and more businesses rely on Big Data and analytics to support their decisional processes, it is because raw data doesn’t have much value itself. On the other hand, once we refine this data, it contains valuable information to support and justify strategic decisions. Data Science outsources insights from vast amounts of structured or unstructured data that become helpful information for a specific company need or goal. Data Science works between statistics, informatics and business economy. It combines scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract value from data.

The task of data scientists is to collect data from the web, smartphones, clients, sensors and other sources. They will then give this significant amount of data to an organisation that produces an insight that the company will use to vehicle better decisions and design innovative products or services. Thanks to data scientists, companies extract helpful information for their business. The real value of business.

From the data, we extract crucial information for our client’s business.

Energee3 data scientists are competent professionals able to translate company goals into data-oriented tasks, for example, market predictions. Predictive analytics allows detailed forecasts of future events through the analysis of historical data. For example, machine learning algorithms are used for risk prediction (credit or insurance) in the banking-finance-insurance sector. It is also possible to support medical diagnosis with data analysis and mathematical models in the medical field. Energy production can be programmed or established according to consumption (energy forecasting) in the energetic field.

The predictive analytics market is worth a few billion dollars worldwide today, and its value keeps rising. The predictive analytics services elaborated by Energee3 can be carried out cost-effectively alongside preexistent solutions.

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Giovacchino Tesi

Innovation Manager