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Merging development and production. DevOps consists of the collaboration between software developers and IT operations professionals. The strength of DevOps is creating a network, producing knowledge and creating a work environment where design, testing and software release can be processed rapidly, frequently and efficiently. A proper work philosophy. DevOps methodology allows for quickly developing products and software, working with the interdependency of software development and operations. Developers are no longer excluded from operations management but work in a unique development and operations team.

If, in earlier times, this methodology was associated with big web-based businesses, now even smaller companies are adopting DevOps principles to become more agile, satisfy the market’s demands, and be more competitive. The DevOps movement was born to radically transform two worlds seemingly distant, one of the ITs aiming for stability and system resilience and one of the developers. The world of software development and IT operations commonly understood the need to realign, be conscious of belonging to the same team and work on the same goals.

At Energee3, we design new applications and innovative services to satisfy specific business needs, whether internal (i.e. a better CRM) or to help clients or users with a new mobile application. DevOps methodology is ideal when a system needs a quick delivery or is undergoing innovation.

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Giovacchino Tesi

Innovation Manager