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Over 10 million Italians today use internet banking services via their phones or tablets. Mobile banking and internet banking are, therefore, quite familiar platforms. Considering this, banks are now busy implementing digital transformation processes on their various platforms to upgrade the user experience and satisfaction. In particular, the relation to the client – banks are getting increasingly omnichannel. Banks must therefore reach out to their clients in physical or digital ways according to their needs.

For us at Energee3, Smart Banking means producing ICT architectures that allow clients to access all kinds of operations on their Internet Banking channels and, nonetheless, log in to their account via credit card/pin and biometric signature verification.

We offer E-Billing counselling, granting access to citizens and businesses to consult their billing reports and the electronic payment of bills with multichannel banking.

We offer monitoring services to all our clients, whether private or corporate, to define ratings and release a warning once entering a complicated area.

Simpler, smarter, secure. These are the banks of tomorrow.

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