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Technology at the service of finance. We call FinTech all digital innovations in the financial sector, for example, banks, financial businesses or startups creating products or services for economic trade. This is a growing market; our country already counts 345 startups in FinTech.

FinTech applications are known by millions of Italians that use them to pay online via mobile, money transfers peer-to-peer, family budget management, crowdfunding platforms, and cordless withdrawals. FinTech applications are also used in digital and smart lending fields, for example, loans that banks allow to their clients.

Energee3 provides FinTech businesses with the implementation of ICT architectures and consultancy on digital payments, finding the best solutions between all channels and touchpoints (e-commerce, in-store and mobile).

Energee3 advises on new products, services or business models in the financial, credit and insurance fields when innovative technologies by artificial intelligence are enabled.

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Dionisia Esposito

Operations manager